Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier et Emilie Munera are talking about Julien’s debut Album on France Musique, french Classical Radio, being very enthusiastic about his interpretation of the Preludes Op. 28, praising his poetic, intense and passionate playing. You can listen to this review on the Podcast from 19′ min to 35’30 min.

Debut Album of Julien Brocal –   Read the article of Erica Jean : This recording project devoted to Frederic Chopin‘s repertoire was obvious to me. I was very familiar with this repertory during my adolescence thanks to my teacher Erik Berchot, who transmitted to me his deep passion for this composer, and it is to

About a violinist in a daydream, this lyrical-performative film was inspired by Patrick Dougherty’s sculpture, Daydreams. Julien Brocal improvised a piano part on the violin of Eunice Kim. Sculpture Patrick Dougherty, “Daydreams » Film Director and Cinematographer Kathy Kasic Composers Eunice Kim and Julien Brocal Performance By Eunice Kim and Julien Brocal Sound Mickey Houlihan

Pioneer is a large-scale wooden sculpture constructed at Tippet Rise Art Center by artist Stephen Talasnik. Informed by Space Architecture of the early 60’s, it was engineered by Arup and crafted by Gunnstock Timber Frames using yellow cedar from the northwestern United States. The piece is influenced by traditions of 20th century visionary architecture. This

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